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We hold 8 Group Classes a day, starting at 5:30 AM. Each class is 1 hour long, including Warm Up, Instruction, and Workout. Everything is planned out for you, all you have to do is show up!


MOVE is a results oriented fitness community. You build fitness and practice athletic skills with a Coaching Team and Community that cares about your success! All workouts and results are recorded on a daily basis, giving you clear and measurable data to help you reach your goals.


If you ever played team sports, you know to what lengths you would go to help your team secure a win and beat the competition. Our fun, and sometimes competitive, Group Classes offer the perfect motivation to get you working on your fitness!


The coaching staff at Move Functional Fitness has over 40 years of collective coaching experience. We hand pick our coaches for not only their ability to relay movement instruction, but for their ability to connect with our members on a personal basis. In short, we care about you and your fitness goals and we want you to succeed!


Step Up your game and go all in with frequent Nutrition Challenges, In House and Local Competitions, Seminars led by subject matter experts, and many other opportunities to learn about health/fitness and grow as an individual.

Member Spotlight: Alicia B

There’s certainly no shortage of bad ass ladies here at Move Functional Fitness!  Thank you Alicia for sharing and kudos to you for putting in the hard work, well done! #movewithpurpose “Alright it feels weird sharing pictures of mysel...

Member Spotlight: Patrick H.

“I’ve been working out at Move for about 4.5 years. During my time here, I’ve gone from being a lanky former high school cross country runner, to lifting weights that initially seemed impossible when I first started. I love coming in eve...

Member Spotlight: Keri W.

<< My first year at Move Functional Fitness has changed not just my physical body, but also my mental attitude. When I started at Move, I wasn’t looking to become a certain size or body type.  I wanted to become my best self. During m...

Amy Krueger

    Not all of our testimonials are about weight loss or dramatic physical changes. There are some pretty amazing people at CFED doing even more amazing things. Let’s meet one of them: You can’t talk numbers and the whiteboard withou...

Mike & Trista

“It’s not too often that you find a couple that displays the type of work ethic that you see in Trista and Mike. Seeing where they came from and the time and effort that they CHOSE to put in, makes me very proud as a coach. They’ve mad...

Matthew Burroughs

To know Matt Burroughs is to absolutely love him. An extremely social person, he can be found meandering around CFED, POSSIBLY lifting heavy weights in between extended conversations (most likely with Tiiu). Matt can’t help it, it’s wh...

Roy Levkovitz

“Every gym has one of these guys and at CFED, we have Roy.  The guy that doesn’t back down from a challenge, even though everyone knows he’s in over his head.  Roy doesn’t care about what you think though, he’s that confident in himsel...

Bayless Fleming

The definition of a “Southern Belle”, Bayless Fleming has led an interesting life. The current elementary school teacher and former debutante whose past life includes high school basketball, softball, and camping, Bayless has spent a lot...

Myesha Green

Myesha Green, PhD   Myesha is a quiet force at CrossFit East Decatur. She comes into and leaves the gym most times without anyone noticing. But the proof of Myesha’s presence and hard work is in the numbers. She has worked incredibly har...

What Our Clients Are Saying >>

Hey guys I had my first physical yesterday since I started at Move and I thought I would share with you how it went. With just 2.5 months behind me, my cholesterol dropped like a rock to 172 meaning I can stop taking medicine for that. My BP was 116 over 66 down from the 150s over 90s. Weight is down close to 20 LBs. EKG and everything else all normal. I can’t tell you how pumped I am about this. Y’all save lives with this stuff, hope you know that. thank you thank you thank you.Jonathan B
Two years ago I joined Move Functional Fitness. My body (and brain) have been profoundly transformed, and I hope to continue this into the unforeseeable future. Move has some of the best coaches around, and I would put them up against any “globo gym” coach you would like to offer up.David L
I realized last week that Crossfit and eating clean have changed my body image completely. I feel totally comfortable in a bathing suit, which I couldn’t say a year ago. I always looked fine, but now I’m proud of what this body can do. So I really don’t think as much about what it looks like. It birthed two babies, it lifts heavy things, it can take me up a rope or run around the block, it can swim a mile. I’m splashing in the pool with the kids this summer feeling completely confident and free. — feeling thankful at Move Functional Fitness.Ingrid A