Bayless Fleming

The definition of a “Southern Belle”, Bayless Fleming has led an interesting life. The current elementary school teacher and former debutante whose past life includes high school basketball, softball, and camping, Bayless has spent a lot (almost 12 years) of time outdoors throughout her life. So why does she hate the heat and burpees so much?? And most importantly, what’s underneath the surface of Bayless?

For the self-described “shoe addict” and “extremely headstrong” youngest of 3 children, coming to terms with her new self is a daily journey for Bayless. After spending most of her adolescence with a personal trainer, Bayless found herself gaining weight throughout and after college. Seeking a change to her “social exercising” regimen, she finally listened to her friends Tommy & Katie and walked into CFED. Often seen with her partner in crime, Katie+B, these days Bayless is a constant fixture at CFED.

And while this cannot be said for many, modesty is most certainly one of Bayless’ strong points. She is an extremely private person, reluctant to discuss her accomplishments in life, let alone health and fitness. However, no matter the amount of weight loss, what is evident is that she has put a tremendous amount of work into changing her life and it shows daily. Katie says she can “still remember when she would only go to the gym if I went and only go on walks if someone else was with her”. Recently, while out of town, Bayless worked out EVERY SINGLE DAY that she was away (including burpees), talk about change!! Of her new lifestyle and appearance, Coach Damon Mosely says Bayless’ transformation “has been remarkable. Her progress physically is evident, but mentally and emotionally she is a whole new person as well”. Everyone agrees with Coach Lauren Sandoval: “Bayless is now in what I call the double take classification….she gets me everytime.” Coach Damon says it best: “She is an inspiration and truly personifies everything that’s right about this CF thing we do.”


Congrats Bayless, you make CFED proud!!

What was your athletic/workout/eating routine before CrossFit East Decatur?

I played sports growing up and worked out with a trainer off and on.  I would go through spurts of trying to be a runner.  I have always enjoyed exercising with friends.

When did you start CF(CFED)?

I started in January of 2010 but I take the summers off.

What were your goals when you started?

My goal has always been to lose weight and become a healthier person all around. 

My biggest accomplishment in Crossfit THUS FAR is:

Everything I have done are personal accomplishments but I am very private about them.  If I have to be open and honest then I would say the amount of weight I have been able to lose.  Of course I get excited about being able to do certain things like improving my pull ups, box jumps, certain weightlifting movements, etc.

What has your experience been with the nutritional guidance you’ve received at CFED?

Great – I should have started following it from the start.  It took me a long time to be committed to changing my diet.  After lots of conversations with Shana I decided to try one of the Paleo challenges.  Eating the paleo diet was easier than I thought – I learned lots about my eating habits and saw some great results from changing those habits.

How do you feel after eating changing your diet?

Great.  I feel healthier all around.  I realized how much not paying attention to my eating was affecting me.  I now have confidence that I can make good food choices with the normal indulgences as needed.

What is your favorite meal?

Anything with a good steak.  And a great glass of red wine!

What is your favorite thing about CFED?

The community.  Everyone is very supportive and encouraging.  I have met some great new friends that are more than just people I see at the gym.

How has CFED changed the way you live your daily life?

I can’t imagine not exercising on a regular basis now.  I do take days off but am much more motivated to go out on my own and work out (and not depend on friends to motivate me).

How many days a week do you workout?

6ish. I usually aim to go to crossfit 4 times a week and then run/walk the other days. 

What is your favorite movement? Least favorite?

Favorite – deadlifts or rowing.  Least favorite – sea lions, bear crawls, overhead squats, I could keep going…

What do you do in your spare time?

Spend it with friends

What does your family/do your friends think about Crossfit?

Some think it is cool – most think it is crazy!

Favorite WOD day of the week and why:

Tuesday or Thursday – or first thing Saturday morning – only day I like to do the early wod

I talk about Crossfit all the time. T/F

False – I don’t think I do – that would not be fun for others

Favorite type of workout music:

Anything I can sing along to in my head – most likely the cheesy girl songs

I check the blog before I come into CFED. T/F

Most definitely true – I spend most of the day trying to convince myself how I will make it through the workout.

I’m proud of my accomplishments and progress within Crossfit. T/F

True – but I am very privately proud of it.

One word to describe Crossfit: _________.