Matthew Burroughs

To know Matt Burroughs is to absolutely love him. An extremely social person, he can be found meandering around CFED, POSSIBLY lifting heavy weights in between extended conversations (most likely with Tiiu). Matt can’t help it, it’s who he is; a salesman by trade, he loves nothing more than the social aspect of most situations. In fact, when he contemplated joining Team Training in September that was a sticking point for him; how much of the community interaction was he going to have to change? A humble man with a great sense of humor and a flair for verbosity, Matt is the person who will have you talking for 25 minutes before you even realize what has happened! With his trademark “Southern Drawl” and his love for that school in Knoxville, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Matt pretty well over the past 6 months. In truth, the only thing he loves more than a heavy deadlift is his family, specifically his wife Alicia and daughter Abigail. In addition to pulling friends and extended family into Crossfit, he even convinced Alicia to register for the Open this year!!

He’s worked very hard to get to this point and here at CFED we couldn’t be prouder. Way to go Matt!!


1. What was your athletic/workout/eating routine before CrossFit East Decatur?

I have always played sports, baseball, tennis and basketball. I always enjoyed playing the games but not exercising. About 6 years ago, I decided I wanted to change my lifestyle and mostly, quit smoking cigarettes, (10 year smoker). I joined Bally’s Fitness and started lifting, running and swimming, while continuing to smoke about a pack a day. I also started playing church league basketball in a pretty competitive league. I figured I would quit smoking out of competitiveness, once I realized that I couldn’t continue to smoke and do so. Eventually I quit smoking but continued to eat what I wanted – mostly fried foods, pizza 2-3 times a week, chinese buffet’s, etc. I have always loved to eat, and that has really held me back athletically.


2. When did you start CF(CFED)?

January of 2011


3. What were your goals when you started?

At 35 years old, I was worried that starting a family this late would have me a decrepit old man by the time my little girl was old enough to play sports. I wanted to make sure I stay in good enough shape so I can ‘play’ until I’m in the dirt. Bottom line, I want to be healthy so I can live a long and productive life.

4. My biggest accomplishment in Crossfit THUS FAR is:

My diet. Adopting a ‘mostly’ paleo lifestyle has been much less painful than I anticipated, and the rewards are great. The athletic accomplishments since changing my diet are ongoing. Some days are better than others. I know it would have taken a lot longer to get that first muscle up had I not gone through the Winter Challenge last year, mostly due to lighter body weight.


5. What has your experience been with the nutritional guidance you’ve received at CFED?

I was very skeptical at first. I mean who thinks whole grain bread, beans and dairy are unhealthy? I participated for a year before buying in to eating paleo, and it has made a big difference.


6. How do you feel after eating changing your diet?

I now look at food more as fuel. I know that sounds cliche, but it is true. When I eat right, I feel full but not stuffed. I can tell a big difference on those occasions I make poor decisions.


7. What is your favorite meal?

It’s still pizza and has been since I was a kid. That is about the only time I have grains. I am hoping to perfect a paleo pizza dough this year. Chicken Wings are a close second, so the paleo diet didn’t kill that one off.


8. What is your favorite thing about CFED?

I love all the good people. The coaches have been great, and everyone supports each other.


9. How has CFED changed the way you live your daily life?

Well, I typically wake up and look at the workout first thing. I then make decisions throughout the day hoping to not affect my performance negatively. With a child in the house and time at a premium, I have cut out other things in life so that I can keep up with the programming, and feel I am better for it.


10. How many days a week do you workout?



11. What is your favorite movement? Least favorite?

Muscle ups, muscle ups. These are so awesome when you do them well, but when they start to fail, it is painful, mentally and physically.


12. What do you do in your spare time?

I love to run around with my wife Alicia and my little girl Abigail. I also have a slight music addiction. I attend as many concerts as possible.


13. What does your family/do your friends think about Crossfit?

I think they are still somewhat skeptical of the intensity and time commitment but realize how beneficial it has been for me and my health.


14. Favorite WOD day of the week and why:

I love Friday and Saturday workouts. Both have a celebratory feel to them as one of them is going to be the last WOD of the week.


15. I talk about Crossfit all the time. T/F

less True than 6 months ago, only because I thought folks were gonna put me in a straight jacket, but….still True.


16. Favorite type of workout music:

Metal m/


17. I check the blog before I come into CFED. T/F


18. One word to describe Crossfit: