Amy Krueger




Not all of our testimonials are about weight loss or dramatic physical changes. There are some pretty amazing people at CFED doing even more amazing things. Let’s meet one of them:

You can’t talk numbers and the whiteboard without mentioning Amy Krueger. It’s a name that many members are familiar with but who’s the lady behind the sometimes unbelievable numbers? A leisurely stroll to the whiteboard at CFED will immediately reveal one fact, she has A LOT of nicknames; and even those are subject to change. The combination of a rural upbringing and multiple team sports has created the monster that is often seen eating barbells for breakfast. With a heavier clean & jerk, overhead squat, and snatch than 98% of all CFEDers, Amy is undoubtedly one of the strongest people to come through East Decatur. It wouldn’t be a stretch to label AK as a “barbell whore”; she lives and breathes barbell movements and often crushes WODs where one is involved. She is also one of the nicest, most outgoing, and supportive people you will ever come across. Matt G concurs: “What can I say. She is farm girl strong; always fun to workout with despite her out lifting me sometimes. She is an awesome person and an awesome athlete! We are lucky to have her here at CFED.” With a closet full of LuLu and a (very) dirty mouth to boot, to know Amy is to undoubtedly and easily love her.

After busting up the morning WOD at 530, AK can be found at the CDC investigating, researching, and trying her damndest to eradicate the World’s deadliest diseases. Amy returned to CFED last summer after spending 10 months in Finland working on her PhD (and her clean and jerk, apparently). I can remember thinking ‘Who is this Amy everyone is talking about?’; full disclosure, I was even slightly intimidated. However that all vanished when she walked up to me following her first WOD back, held out her hand and said “Great job Erinn”. That’s Krueger; gracious, humble and most importantly kind.

As a member of one of the CFED competition teams, Krueger is the Swirl’s resident brain. Those who know her know that she is an overly-analytical person; often thinking about things before most of us have even realized and accepted what’s happening next. As teammate, friend, and Coach Duda says “Amy is always smiling and enjoying life but when that 3…2…1 goes she turns into a beast and that’s what I like the most about her”. She also serves as our head cheerleader, always finding the positive in what many times may seem like a disappointment. Throughout the past year she’s become not only one of my closest friends but my biggest rabbit and supporter at CFED as well.

The reigning “Best Dressed” CFEDer is as serious about her professional aspirations as her WOD wardrobe. With the goal of eventually teaching at the University level (and stretching herself to the absolute limit), Amy has already began her ascent to scholarly greatness; she recently accepted a position to teach Epidemiology at Agnes Scott College. Let’s learn a little more about the woman behind the Nanos:

1. Pretty sure everyone knows your first and last name(s); what is your middle name?

Product of the 80s – Leigh but not like the jeans.

2. You’re a self-professed “farm girl”; where is this farm located?

The farm was about an hour west of Philadelphia.  “In west Philadelphia born and raised”… just a little farther west

3. Can you drive a tractor? Can you LIFT a tractor??

Absolutely, I could even fork a hay bale.  Absolutely, if it’s a toy tractor.

4. Have you ever birthed an animal with your bare hands?

Damn right I have, it’s messy business. It always seemed to be the middle of the night too; my dad would wake me up and ask if I could help him pull a calf.  And it usually involved chains so maybe it isn’t bare hands per se.

5. Siblings? How many, name(s)?

I have an older sister named Erin.  If you have ever met her you’d know why I was “Most Coachable” at camps. [Author’s Note/Awesome Fact: I know it’s confusing but I’m totally not her older sister; although I do have a younger sister named Aimee 🙂]

6. What the hell is epidemiology?

Epidemiology is the study of the distribution of diseases in a population.

7. How many nicknames do you have? What’s your favorite?

Oh my, I have a lot.  Let’s see.

Family nicknames: Amos, Amilater, Yma.

Sports: Kruegs, K, Special K.

Work: Killer.

CrossFit: AK, AK47, Professor 47, Clydesdale, KruegerBomb.  I have to say I think AK47 is my fave.  I have Scott Bailey to thank for that one.  I may have missed a few.

8. How long have you been CrossFitting?

My first trial WOD was in Dec 2009 so almost 4 years, my healthiest relationship ever.

9. How did you find CFED?

I actually thought I had contacted CFD since I live really close. Everything happens for a reason, I was meant to be at CFED.

10. The best part about CrossFit is:

The community. I always tell people that it’s easier for me to get up to go to CrossFit than get up and go to work. I get to see some of my favorite people bright and early.

11. The hardest part about CrossFit is:

Knowing when to rest. I hate missing out on WODs and lifts. But I’m beginning to appreciate rest days and how much better I do with them. Also, metcons; my lungs and metcons don’t get along.

12. Favorite movement; least favorite movement–

Favorite would probably be clean, power clean to be specific.  I’d rather not squat if I don’t have to.
Least would have to be push-ups. I can’t do them to save my life…. ok maybe if it was just 1.

13. To paleo or not to paleo?

Well, I think it’s a balance.  I find that if I’m really strict I will binge at some point.  I will usually allow myself to cheat on the weekends….after Saturday WODs.

14. Biggest vices:

ICE CREAM!!!  And I love beer but I’ve cut way back on that.  Tacos are pretty awesome too, especially from Taqueria Del Sol.

15. When I say “MetCon”, you say ____

Rest Day  😉

Coach Lauren has known Amy since she first arrived at CFED and says, “Over the years she has earned her Crossfit nickname AK-47. With hard work and dedication she has become a solid Crossfitter, a lifter of very heavy things, and a role model at CFED.  She is a Strong Smart (both with a capital S) woman and those are the best kind!”—

WORD, Love you Krueger!