Mike & Trista

Mike & Trista

“It’s not too often that you find a couple that displays the type of work ethic that you see in Trista and Mike. Seeing where they came from and the time and effort that they CHOSE to put in, makes me very proud as a coach. They’ve made their fitness a priority which is rare in this day and age, and to know that they are also raising 4 small children…their dedication is awe inspiring. It would be so easy for them to make excuses and let life, finances, busy after school schedules get in their way. Instead, they’ve gotten their children involved and are undoubtedly passing along the same work ethic…which is just fuckin’ awesome on so many levels.”—Coach Damon

If there was a poster of what CFED represents, this family would be front and center. So this is the deal; if you haven’t heard of or seen a photo of Mike, Trista or their 4 gorgeous children then it’s quite possible that you’re not a real member of CFED. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that they’re some of our favorite people to photograph. But the truth is they’re just some of our favorite people.

Mike and Trista met eons ago in a far away region called the Midwest, Kansas to be exact. As if it’s not enough that they have been together since high school; this basically means that they’ve been together longer than they’ve been apart.

Mike “Schuck”enbrock is the type of guy that you can’t help but love. A devoted family man, his love for Trista and their family is palpable. He shows up, works hard, accepts (and seeks) criticism well, encourages everyone all of the time and his humility is genuine but don’t be fooled; “Schuck” is also crazy competitive. Often times seen dueling with Jimmy both on the board and Facebook, these guys provide some of the healthiest, most competitive and encouraging fodder for even the most removed CFED member. His commitment to improving his form and technique has made Mike one of the strongest men at CFED as well. A great guy with an awesome sense of humor and the tightest shoulders EVER, Mike makes me smile everytime I see him. Coach Duda, who most often sees Schuck says “I like his approach to workouts: mental preparation (gets a little quiet before a WOD) and he always tries to push it a little further every time. He is very kind and brings a lot of good energy to the classes that he works out in. I am very happy I can coach him as much as I do”. He’s not so bad on the eyes either (My words, not Duda’s).

I’m going to label Trista as the Sweetheart of CFED, the CFED Homecoming Queen if you will. From her interactions with Mike and their family and her completely relatable personality to her work ethic and total badassery during WODs, it’s easy to see why everyone who meets her is often awestruck. With four babies people, FOUR— Will, Maggie, Cait, and Ella—- It’s totally possible to see Mike or Trista without another member of their family, but not likely. What’s awesome about Trista is that she can go from Mom-mode to WODbot and back in less than :04 (see what I did there)! She came to CFED after the birth of their 4th child Ella and after taking some time off to focus on the family, has come back with a vengeance (See the photo on 06.14.13)! This is clear, as one member unabashedly stated “Damn, Trista is HOT”! DUH.

In addition to being competitive within CFED, Mike and Trista are also extremely competitive with and supportive of each other which, I’m sure, makes for as much fun at home as it does in the gym. As Coach Lauren says “Schuck and Trista came to CFED put their head down, did the work (in the gym and the kitchen) and have become badass athletes, parents and CFED community members. They are proof that even with 4 kids (yes 4 and one of them is under 2 years old) you AND your spouse can find time to get to the gym, eat well and both have a badass bodies”. WORD UP Coach!

Throughout the last year and a half, I’ve had the pleasure of spending extensive time with Mike, Trista, and 3 of the “Little Schucks” and honestly, the hype is well-deserved. Their commitment to both health and fitness has trickled down to their little ones who participate in the CFEDKids program and it’s obvious that they are breeding Mini “SchuckBots”. I don’t know about anybody else but, that doesn’t seem so bad. Here’s a little taste of their awesomeness:

1. How do you manage to get into the gym 4-5 days a week with responsibilities and a large family?

CrossFit is an absolute priority. Fitness and healthy eating have become a normal way of life for our household, so getting to the gym is just a part of how we live. Other people ask how we “find” time to get to the gym — we didn’t find it, we have to make it. If that means that the house is a little dirty or that we aren’t up to date on the latest tv shows, so be it. Plus, Mike really likes his nooner group and he gets really grumpy if he doesn’t get into the gym at least four times a week.

2.What’s the biggest change you have seen in your lives from CrossFit?

Mike: Confidence. I regained a confidence I haven’t had in a long time. This isn’t just about how I look or feel, but also my own sense of what I can do. I’ve regained a work ethic and natural confidence that I lost somewhere in my 20s.  Trista: The lexicon – we speak differently in our household and even our youngest ones understand the gym and Paleo-speak. Also, the community – we have added some wonderful friends to our lives that we might not have otherwise had the opportunity to meet. It’s our version of “Cheers”. I guess that makes me Carla.

3. Which of your kids is most likely to make it to The Games?

Maggie has one hell of a squat, Will is going to be tall and strong and is already great at box jumps. Cait is fast and is great at moving her body around on rings and the bar. But the ultimate answer is Ella. No doubt. That kid is just fierce.

4. How long do you think it’s going to be before Ella gets her toes to the rings?

Her biggest obstacle right now is the pudgy baby belly. Once the mood suits her, it’s all over.

Congrats Mike & Trista, we’re proud to have you at CFED!!