Tuesday, March11

These are the “before” pics to yesterday’s “after”….

No one believed me, so I had to do it. As embarassing as it is, there I am, in all my big-boobed glory. Thanks, PatC, for scanning these for me. Now I’ll have them forever.
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Monday, March 10

And I owe it all to Crossfit!! Fran was impressed…

I don’t have a scanner to put in my “before” pictures, but I did show them to everyone who showed up for the park wod, so they can vouch for the validity of the pant size … I wish I could take credit for this silliness, it’s right up my alley, but it was all Jonathan’s idea.… Read More

Sunday, March 9

Don’t forget to “Spring Forward.”

Outdoor Park wod is set for 2PM today. The temp is supposed to be in the 50’s so bring a jacket. The park is Glenlake Park at 1121 Church Street. If you are heading toward N.Decatur Rd.… Read More

Saturday, March 8

New Street, your new 400M!

First of all, before we party, I need to know how your workout was. And can someone please agree to watch Bailey’s butt for me (as it relates to the Dynamax ball, of course!!)?

Party plans tonight are full go!… Read More

Friday, March 7

I need to hear about how everyone’s workouts are going. So please post that here!! I’m about to go crazy away from you all!

Sheryl McCalla has generously offered her house in Avondale for a Saturday night Underground Rally! Rally is currently set for 7PM.… Read More

Thursday, March 6

Just a place for those of us that are suffering from lack of blogging to have a place to blog….Enjoy… Read More