4 Simple Health Upgrades You Can Do Right Now!

Let's break it down
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March 9, 2022
4 Simple Health Upgrades You Can Do Right Now!

Let's break it down

There’s SO MUCH information out there on what the next best diet is … which celebrity is “getting cut” with this new “killer workout program” … how scientists are debunking a certain health myth…

I know!!! It’s all SO CONFUSING!

But don’t worry, here are a few SIMPLE things you can do right now to upgrade your health.

Drink more water

Are you getting enough water every day?

Probably not, unless you carry a water bottle with you.

Most experts say to drink half of your body weight in ounces every day. I’m going to make it easier on you. Grab a bottle of water the next time you are at the store, drink it. When you are done, fill it up and drink it again. When you are done with that, fill it up …. I think you are getting the point.

For more info: https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/nutrition-and-healthy-eating/in-depth/water/art-20044256

Set a consistent Sleep pattern

Are you going to bed and waking up at a consistent time?

Our body and our minds like routine. When we get into a consistent sleeping pattern, we line up our circadian rhythm, which plays a part in regulating our hormonal response. SO, if you want to have more energy during the day for all the kick ass stuff you do, set a specific time that you go to bed every night and wake up every morning.

For more info: https://www.sleepfoundation.org/articles/what-circadian-rhythm

Eat more natural foods

What do your meals look like on a typical day? Are they mostly fast or processed foods, or do you you prepare fresh meals with local organic meats and vegetables?

Most folks are probably somewhere in between.

Again, there’s a ton of information out there on what we “should” eat and most of it is misleading if not wrong. So, let’s keep it simple. Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. (#protip: Most of this stuff doesn't come in a package)

For more info: https://library.crossfit.com/free/pdf/CFJ-trial.pdf

Move your body

Most of us live busy lives, that is to say, we spend our time doing the things that we value the most.

If we value our health, we spend some of our time moving our bodies. This might be a quick walk around the neighborhood with the dog, or it might be a 2 hour swole session at the gym. The point is, we have plenty of options to get some much needed exercise.

Let’s think outside the box here. If we are too busy at work to break away to a group fitness session, why not drop and do 15 burpees. This will elevate your heart rate and get your muscles contracting.

Or maybe every time you have to get out of your chair, go ahead and do another 10 air squats. It’s the same movement, but it will make your hips feel better after long days of sitting.

This probably isn’t a sustainable fitness regimen, but it’s something we can do in a pinch, and it's better than doing nothing at all.

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