Staying Focused

Having a hard time staying focused on your goals through the dreary Georgia Winter?
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March 9, 2022
Staying Focused

Having a hard time staying focused on your goals through the dreary Georgia Winter?

No matter where we are along your health and fitness journey, we all have ups and downs.

We start out with grandiose dreams and the best intentions, yet we soon realize we can’t get there on will power alone!

We need a plan, but better yet, we need a new story!

What are we telling ourselves?

What are we ACTUALLY wanting to achieve and what does that FEEL like?!?!?

Here’s a few things to help keep you in the game when motivation takes a dive:

1. What would a Pro do?

Do the pros go 100% all day and every day?  No, they mix in bouts of hard work and even more bouts of hard REST.  They recover, they tend to themselves, they work IN as much as they workout.  So, take a step back from time to time and let your body catch up with your ambition.

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2. What is your vision?

After we’ve worked at our goals for a while, we can get hyper focused on the action and start to forget the WHY.  That’s where VISION comes in.  Why are we working so hard in the first place? Why is this so important?  How do we want to FEEL as we move through this process?

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3. What are you telling yourself?

Ever come across a quote that you feel speaks directly to your soul!  Take that and a handful of other bits of positivity and wisdom and repeat it to yourself daily.  Slowly, this will become your goto mantra and mindset, and your goals and dreams won’t seem quite so far away.

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4. Who are you listening to?

Whether it’s getting wrapped up in gossip and controversy on social media or listening to someone else’s opinion on what you “should” be doing, chip away at the things that keep you from focusing on your vision.  Better yet, replace those distractions with people/places/things that make reaching your goals even easier.

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5. What is your plan?

All of the dreaming and inspirational quotes will get you nowhere without a plan. Think about that grand vision you have and track backwards till now, creating action steps along the way. What are you doing day in and day out to reach those goals? This is your practice.

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6. Can someone help you?

Doubting yourself?  Not sure how to proceed? No Sweat!  There is someone out there who has already achieved your goal and THEY WANT TO HELP YOU!  Don’t waste time by hitting all of the pitfalls that they’ve already navigated.  Enlist a coach or mentor to help make your process easier.

In our No Sweat Intro, we cover these questions and more, so that you get started on the right path from Day 1.

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