Crisis Mindset?

Crisis is a strange mindset to be in.
Move Functional Fitness
March 9, 2022
Crisis Mindset?

Crisis is a strange mindset to be in.

You feel like literally everything is out of your control.

Your entire life is in the balance, at the whim of circumstance, and you feel that all you can do is “wait it out”.

I’m not saying that’s how you are feeling now, but if you are paying attention to the media at all, or even just stopping by the coffee shop or gym on the reg, it’s on other people’s minds.

The thing is, we’ve lived through crises before and we will live through many more.

It’s important to remember that, despite what is going on in the world outside, we have ABSOLUTE control over what’s going on in the world INSIDE!

You can choose how to feel.
You can choose how to act.
You can choose how to react.

Based on these choices, you can then choose how to prepare.

You develop a pattern of behavior that aligns with your goals!

Yes, THAT was a goal setting exercise.

You can’t put your life on hold due to fear. Fear is the unknown.

We practice Unknown and Unknowable everyday at Move.  It’s part of our ethos.

We don’t fear it, we EMBRACE it!

It challenges us to rise above and discover who we really are.

We make decisions under pressure, through great physical stress.

We learn and adapt and apply!

Let’s be clear, I’m not asking you to ignore reality or live in a fairy tale world just to prove you aren’t afraid of anything.

I’m simply asking, when you start to feel like everything is getting out of control, that you take a step back, take some deep breaths, and realize that all of important things are actually in your control.

Then you can move forward with clear and purposeful action.

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