What are your priorities?

All of us were thrust into this situation!
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March 9, 2022
What are your priorities?

All of us were thrust into this situation!

We are “stuck” at home, blending our work lives with our play lives with our family lives and learning how it’s all going to gel along the way.

We don’t have to leave this up to happenstance though.

We can take a little bit of time now to decide how we want to live in this new way, we can communicate with those closest to us, and we can hold ourselves accountable in order to live our best life.

Here’s your challenge: Take a few minutes right now to clarify your non-negotiables.  What are the things in your life that you MUST do to be happy, healthy, and effective?

Start with your Personal Life.  You have to help yourself first before you can help anyone else.  What does your exercise look like?  Your sleep? Your morning routine? Nutrition? Alone time?

How about your Family Life?  Date nights are tough right now, but we need time with our significant others! Dinner with the family and chill time after?  Read to the kids before bed? Scheduled FaceTime with your parents/grandparents/extended family?

And finally, your Professional Life!  How much alone time do you need to complete your most important tasks?  Do yo need to delegate administrative duties?  Team meetings?  How do you deal with distractions?

Take this list, develop your plan, and set your routine!  Be sure to communicate your values and your plan so everyone knows how you are choosing to wade through these unknown waters.

** Notice that I put Professional Life last.  It’s because, what’s the point of having a job that doesn’t help you live the life you want to personally?  

Now is the perfect time to realize your true priorities and take action on them.

Take some of that personal time now, dig deep, and prioritize!

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