What is your Vision?

“What would a Pro do?"
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March 9, 2022
What is your Vision?

In this post I spoke about asking yourself “What would a Pro do?" I then switched it around a bit and asked “What would my future self do?”

This creative spin goes hand in hand with today’s message as we are asking ourselves “What is my vision?”

It’s easy to look in the mirror and see things we like and things we don’t like.

Maybe we are comparing ourselves to our younger days or even someone we were standing in the checkout line with at the grocery store.

If we could only lose those few extra pounds! (insert whatever want/desire fits your situation)

What we often are missing is WHY we want to lose them!

Yeah, you want to look “better”. Why?

Because I don’t like myself at this weight. Why?

Because I have no confidence, I have no love life, people don’t respect me, I don't feel desired etc…

You see, it’s not the weight, it’s the feeling we are after.

That’s really why the goal is important to us! We are looking to ACHIEVE…in order to FEEL.

It makes sense when you put it that way right?

Understand that you are seeking a solution to your feeling problem and decide if that goal is still the way you want to fix it.

If so, ask yourself, who this person is that has achieved this goal that I want. (That professional, or future self of yours again)
• How does this person feel?
• What activities do they do everyday?
• What habits do they have?
• What habits do they avoid?
• How do they interact with their friends/family/coworkers/etc…?

If you operate from this frame of mind, achieving your goal (and the feeling you are after) will be much easier as you’ll be able to keep your true motivation and vision in mind!

Next up, I'll dive more into mindset and what we are telling ourselves.

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